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Corporate Secretarial Compliances

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With the introduction of Companies Act, 2013 and continuous amendment to the act, the compliance requirement for a company has increased multifold. The compliance and reporting requirements are numerous in the companies act and the non-compliance invites unnecessary penalties and other proceedings.

  • Drafting of MOA, AOA, Minutes, Resolutions.
  • Maintenance of Statutory Record under companies Law.
  • Preparation and Filing of Various form and Returns with Registrar of Companies Like XBRL.
  • Advising on Various Matters under the Companies Act
  • Winding- up of Companies, Striking of names of companies from the Registrar of Companies Act.
  • Advising on Mergers, Acquisition and Demerger.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Assisting in Liquidation.

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